Do Controls Hard?

How is Controls?

Most of the people who are above certain age believe that controls are too hard for them to learn however they do miss a certain point as well, there are children who are below 10 and play This is the proof that controls are not that much hard as you think. You are able to use your mouse or arrow keys to control your snake, however, we highly recommend you to use your mouse and get used to it in order to score much more better.

In addition to these, the controls may change depending on the mods that you will prefer. For instance, you may have to use your mouse scroll in order to use the zoom hack. Most of the mods will activate the bots when you press the T key. All of these mods have the guide at the entrance of the game and you can read this information before playing the game. You can also ask your further question to us by leaving a comment to this article, we will be responding your comment as soon as possible.


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