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The popularity of began to fade away after a year which was one of the most played game of a period. However there is another game like where millions of players are trying to beat each other as well as collecting the foods on the map and this game also developed by the same developers. Here is the new game which is as addictive as, the game is the game which managed to be more popular than in shorter period of time. Your goal in the game will be the same; grow as much as you can by collecting the foods on the map. However in this time you will play as a snake in instead of a ball just like in You can start playing through our website right now by clicking the link on the above of the page. You will choose your user name and start playing immeaditaly. You will start playing which is a game that has millions of players on its servers. Let’s keep it short since you have a snake to make it grow. Games

In the event that you really liked then game will be the best choice for you since they almost have the same mechanics with its older version. In addition to these there are some mods that allow you to have some additional features while playing These mods are also known as hacks however they do nothing more just to provide you some more features such as free skins and much more. You can download mod through our website in order to take the advantage of it.


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