How Is Game?

Details of Game broke many records in all around the world and today, the number of the players exceeded 10 million. Of course, if we would include those who quit to play, the amount would reach to 50 million. The original servers do not include any new features to the game and therefore, many people get bored and quit playing the game. However what if we would tell you that you can play with various cheats on private servers? In fact, these are additional features that are included in the original game but offered on a different server which is pirate.

These are called mods and you can take the advantage of them whenever you want. In case you will play on these servers, you will have plenty of hacks such as zoom hack, auto skin changer, free skins, and bots. But please keep in mind that not all of the mods include all of the hacks on the internet and therefore you have to read the mod reviews before you decide to download mods. In this way, you will be aware of what is included on that server and you can also check their guides for the controls of those hacks. Let us know in case you will need any help regarding the mods.

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