How to easily unlock Skins

How to easily unlock skins

How to easily unlock Skins


This tutorial will show you quickly and easily how to unlock skins on


There are two “share” buttons in the bottom right. They say “Share on Twitter” and “Share on Facebook”. Once you click one of them, a new tab opens to share it on Facebook or Twitter, depending on what you clicked.

How to easily unlock skins


The skins are now unlocked, you could close that window and have the skins, but WAIT. If you support the dear developers of this game, they would be glad if you could share it with your friends to make it more popular. This way, they will be more motivated to add more of your favourite features.


After you have unlocked the skins by either sharing or closing the window (to support the developers, you should share), then you can go back to, and look at the bottom left.


The button that says “Change skin” opens the skin choose menu. Here there are a left and a right arrow with which you can cycle through the skins. At the moment of writing there are 22 skins to choose from.

How to easily unlock skins


Click save to save a skin for you snake, and happy slithering! Skin
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  1. is the coolist game of all you con kill so much people it is cind of like and new skins that are cool can some times be invisible the game is cool thanks for making this game ho ever made this game but it is like the bigist game ever there is a lederbord and it has ten stagis and there is so much servers and 1’000000000000 people can be in slither at a time my i deia will be that there should be a skin that is invisibile that you can’t see you’r self that every one that’s triing to go there that thay will die thanks for making the game ho ever made this game

    • Jack I can’t find the share on Facebook/twitter so I can’t get skins too????

  2. why do we even use this stuff? it ruins our pcs and our computers

  3. why in the world do we need to download something like this people? ITS RIDICULOUS!!!!

  4. I don’t have the button to change skins. Why? My friend has it but I don’t ,but she does have a different phone.

  5. I did this to get the skins and shared it three times on my facebook and nothing happened

  6. I had 200 mass and in 5 seconds I killed 3rd and 6th on the leaderboard by accident
    rip snakes
    long live hisss
    he kills

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