New Slither io MOD *Updated* v1.13

Slither io Slitio Mod by szymy v1.13

Here we present to you the latest updated mods. This new bot has quite a few interesting features to keep you glued on. Let us take a look.

Updated features in mods:

  • Use your mouse to zoom in and zoom out
  • You know your current position.
  • Track your FPS with the FPS counter
  • Track the IP of your friends’ server with your current server’s IP address.
  • Connect to your friends’ IP and play together.
  • Owning a low-end system? No worries. The plain background makes it compatible with any system.
  • Glow also lessened to support low end systems.
  • Choose your own graphic mode compatible with your system.
  • Play with friends (direct connect to the servers)
  • Saving nick and settings.

Enjoy slithering! Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

How to install Mods?



  1. Go back with backspace extension, literally can’t use chrome without it.
    Some other extensions that I use:

    Ratings Preview
    Shows you the likes and dislike bar on the thumbnail in youtube

    Hover Zoom
    Enlarges the image when you hover on it, really works great with google image search

    Selection Search
    Highlight a text and immediately search it on other websites, you need to manually add the search engine but it works well

    uBlock Origin
    The actual best adblock on chrome… seriously

    Download Shelf Autohide
    Hides the download bar when downloads finish

    Already mentioned in the video but it’s really helpful, especially when you know how to tinker with CSS

    Previous and Next page keyboard navigation
    Enables you to go to the next page using the using the left/right key, helpful on most websites but buggy on some

    Honorable Mentions
    BetterTTV – if you’re using twitch, you need this
    Image Search Option – only really helpful if you’re in dire need of other image search engines
    Tampermonkey – only useful if you know how to write javascript, you can also install pre-made scripts on greasyfork but most of them aren’t safe


    this gam es stupied i haut it i doont really loke it it juust baaad


    game sucks got ta in stall et what the heck me can just a slith on lineya ma so u ned to wok on it

  4. abdulrochman Reply

    danke für alles ich make und der gemacht hat hatte eine schlaue ide

  5. Muito legal comeitei na minha escola e acharam legal eles sabem pelo vídeo do rezende evil e do mafil extreme e do venom extreme tambêm do sirkazzio do pockey e do wii e isso e muito legal e todo muito comenta sobre o que um jogo de minhocas bem legal que nem wormis wormis tambêm e um jogo de minhoca tambêm e isso abaixem quem gostar tem um monte de cores para colocar na sua skin e e bem divertido abaixem e compartilhem por favor gente so quem gostou por favor e tchau

  6. how do i get the damn update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. carlos emanuel Reply

    please put the extension of the chrome v3 I need my PC not handle please tampermokey put the extension for me to zoom and not have more lag why not fuciona but the extension put fast !!! and answer this cometary

    • se sabe que no pq fernan nunca saluda asi y se llama fernanfloO con dos O

  8. no esta el download new mod que le pasa a la pagina en ningun scripts no sale download new mod quien este comigo que diga si

  9. aqui no sale download new mod esto !!!!!!!!!es una vasura!!!!!!!!!esto no sirve quien esta cinmigo el quien diga yo esta conmigo

  10. !!!!!porque me sale esto!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aqui no esta donlwad new mod es una basura me da pena quien esta conmigo!!!!!! que comente- elque cpmente esta conmigo

  11. Mod doesn’t work for me. Installed with tampermonkey and cleared cache.

  12. Why the buttons i and o were disabled? Zoom in and out with the mouse is more difficult. Add that buttons again PLEASE!

  13. donde lo instalo? o lo descargo?, no veo donde cojones lo decargo!,
    where do i can istall it or download the mod!!!???

  14. i dont get it, is the youtuber called ‘’ the maker? if he his, he hacks and cheats on his own game

    btw this game is addicting….

  15. Kenny, you are so wrong agario is still WAY BETTER than slitherio

  16. que mierda cuando pongo descargar en el boton anaranjado me manda a una pagina con mas videos del juego y no me dice install que mierda

  17. oigan no puedo encontrar download now mod alguien sabe respondan rapido por favor

  18. alguien me dice donde le tengo que dar para que me empieze a descargar ??? plizzzzz

  19. Tienen que descargar tampermonkey para que se les valla el lag.

  20. Tienen que darle a Dowload Now ,les abre otra pagina para descargar el mod

  21. Tienen que darle donde dice Download now, despues se les va a abrir una pestaña y le dan en donde dice instalar

  22. Vi un video que explica pero no veo donde dice descargar nuevo mod , alguien sabe donde estas?

  23. How do you even zoom in and out with the mouse? I have a track-ball mouse and i tried everything and nothing works. :/

  24. bigminigame Reply

    Hey, i modified your mod so it compensate the rezoom made by the game when you dezoom. If you want it you can contact me by my email.

  25. Great mod, but could you please fix the auto zoom in? When you are zoomed out, it automatically zooms in slowly automatically. After 30 secs you are in zoomed in like you are by default…. SUPER annoying

  26. keep getting invaalid script header when installing to chrome.

  27. i prefer the original backround as well, with todays newest update the work around i had going which involved refreshing and turning the mod on/off no longer works. could we get an option to keep the original backround and just be able to zoom in/out please?

  28. “This script was deleted from Greasy Fork, and due to its negative effects, it has been automatically removed from your browser.”

  29. It stopped working saying that is was removed from GreasyFork?

  30. Aquí pueden ver como instalarlo, busquen esto en Yotube!

  31. Hey, This is really good stuff, but if I may do any suggestions, I suggest the auto name typer which types your name every time you open the game, and the auto respawn option

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