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In the event that you have too much fun by but you feel like it is a waste of time to play until you reach to certain sizes than a bot can help you to make everything easier for you. Slither King is the mod king of this game and he launches various mods in each day. Today we will introduce his bot mod which will help you to grow in size in with ease.

You will find the detailed link to download the bot at the end of the article as well as how you can install it on your browser. We assume that you have already downloaded and installed the mod developed by the Slither King and we will start our review now.


First of all although this bot mod is designed on for the bot you can still use the zoom hack with the help of your mouse wheel. But this mode does not include any option to reset the zoom settings. You can also prefer any skin you want before you start playing with this mod. Once you start the game the bot will be activated as default however it is possible to turn on and off by pressing the T button on your keyboard.

As in the other mods it is possible to turn on the visual debugging as well as the log debugging by pressing the Y and U button on your keyboard, respectively.

We believe that you will like this bot which will help you to grow faster without the need of paying efforts at the beginning of the game.

Features: Bot

Zoom Hack Mod Download

How to install user scripts?


  1. This is one of the best ive found only one problem, it sometimes gets stuck around one food. other than that great job.

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