Mod by Slither King [SLITio] Mod Developed by Slither King [SLITio]

In this article we will share the mod review developed by slither king again and we guess this is one of the mods that he developed first. The mod only includes the zoom hack and all of the skins are unlocked. But you should not expect much more than this.

We all know the slither king with his good mods and he is kind of a mod machine. We already know more than 10 mods belonging to him and he is the one who developed the bots first too. At the homepage of the mod you will see some blanks such as IP address and so on. In the event that you and your friends will type the same IP address you will be able to play on the same server which means that you and your friends will be the only players playing on the whole map.

In addition to these there are ready servers too where people group up and play with each other. The difference between this one and the one which we mentioned two sentences ago is, there will be more players on the second option. It is possible to set your graphics settings before you start to play through this mod.

It will be possible to speed up with the help of the left button of your mouse while you can use the mouse wheel in order to change your zoom hack settings. You can still find many improved mods of slither king in our website which are more popular but keep in mind that this mod is still being used by many players.


Zoom Hack


Play with Friends option Mod Download

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