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New Private Server for is one of the most popular pvp games on the internet and you can try our private server through our website. Today we will provide a brief introduction to our private server which is one of the most played and preferred servers on the internet. In the event that you are willing to grow faster in and rank on the top 10 list of the game, play through our private server and adop the strategies we will share with you on our website. private server has no difference than the regular game where the same homepage will welcome you and you will set up a nickname to start playing You can find the details of the mods in our relevant category in order to learn what type of advantages you have. It will be possible for you to create a clan as well as team up with your friends and play together.

You will find the map on the right bottom of the screen where you can see your exact location in real time. On the right side you will see the details of your snake such as how many cells you have. As you know is played with the help of your mouse and you can speed up by clicking and holding down the left button of the mouse. In addition to these you can use your scroll button in order to zoom in or zoom out to have a wider view on the map. As usual you will be trying to collect the glowing orbs on the map or eliminate other players to collect their remainings in order to grow faster.


In the event that you are willing to grow huge in sizes that you have to be patient. Try to go to the middle of the map in the game where is too crowded. This chaos on the middle of the map will allow you to take the advantage of the eliminated players and collect their remainings. Of course this allows you to grow faster in when compared with collecting the glowing orbs on the map which provides only ten points. Try to be careful while speeding up to collect the remainings since all of the players will do the same and this usually ends with more chaos and more eliminated players. You lose some of your score when you speed up as well.

Whenever you hit to other snake with your head you will be eliminated and you will see the score page where you can share your score. You can see your gameplay in detail at this page such as for how many minutes you have played, your latest score, how many cells you have collected and so on. You can start playing whenever you want after you will be eliminated.


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