Slither io Bot

Slither io Bot


Slither io bot

Goal : make a bot for

Table of Contents

Installation instructions

Visual tutorial – Created by SeppeTutorials – Created by TheFlyingPlatypus

Text tutorial

If you are on chrome, download the TamperMonkey extension.

On other browsers, use the GreaseMonkey extension.

Once installed, click on this, and choose Install.

Go to, and enjoy !


T / Right ClickBot enabled/disabled
ULog debugging
YVisual debugging
IAutomatic Respawning
OMobile rendering – Try this if you experience lag
PHunt prey – Moving food
DDefense mode – bot turns around in a circle
CEnemy avoidance / Collision prevention
A / SCollision radius multiplier increase / decrease
ZReset zoom
ESCQuick respawn
XChange skin
QQuit to menu
Mouse wheelZoom in/out


Please contribute using Github Flow. Create a branch, add commits, and open a pull request. Please review the guidelines for contributing to this project before making an issue or submitting a pull request.Your pull request needs to be approved by at least 2 people until it is merged.

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Issues being worked on

Check out the wiki for more information


Ermiya Eskandary & Théophile Cailliau (ErmiyaEskandary & FliiFe)

Started as a collaborative and fun project between me and FliiFe on 2016/04/20, with this :

Slither io bot could be cool


Licensed under MIT.

Read for more info.



Slither io Bot
 Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

How to install Mods?



Make sure you disable any other extension and scripts first!

How to install user scripts? Mods User Script
Slither io Bot
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  1. Avatar Thomas45 says:

    I want v0.6.9

  2. Avatar Reddit froy says:


  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Miksi ei voi laittaa omaa skiniä tänne? Olen erittäin ärsyyntynyt…korjatkaa tämä!

  4. Avatar Zack Shields says:

    What is a radius multiplier?

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Just a copied bot script with a few additional macros for the bot. Prey mode doesn’t work and the bot’s avoidance scripting doesn’t help with people hunting you. Should add the speed boost function to avoid close head to head distances.

  6. Avatar qwe says:

    not working

  7. Avatar Anonymous says:

    How do you use the defense mode??? Whenever i click “d” it doesn’t start turning in circles..

  8. Avatar Nick says:

    hi, when i try to install the script it says invalid script header. ive tried deleteing history and cache/cookies. but it still not work.
    can you help plesse?

  9. Avatar ME says:

    Doesn’t work all the map is blackedout when bot is turned on

  10. Avatar says:

    Any updated version?

  11. Avatar botman says:

    the entire map is blacked out when bot mode is turned on. is there a way around this?

  12. Avatar Anonymous says:

    T and right click wont start up the bot. please fix :\

  13. Avatar Anonymous says:

    T or right click will not enable it for me, but every other command works

  14. Avatar Anonymous says:

    i can’t see the hunt prey and defense mod

  15. Avatar jahvid31 says:

    hello i like your games but now i hate it sorry 😛 its not a bot question

  16. Avatar unknown says:

    how do you download it

  17. Avatar says:

    i dont know what half of the stuff does/means so please be more descriptive in the hotkeys menu

  18. Avatar vovx21 says:

    The best bot! THank you

  19. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Does not work for me

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