v4 Major Update is Coming Soon

Slither.io Mods v4 Major Update Coming Soon

Slither.io Mods v4 Major Update Coming Soon


Hello all! As you may know, we have recently published our own Slither.io mods v3. It contains many features and this post is to notify you that even more are coming! That’s right, a major revamping new update is coming up! It has new features such as a party/clan war  mode, kill count and timer, New UI, list of daily top players/clans! Features that will be in the update:


  • Remove glow effects option enable/disable (reduce lag)
  • Voice Chat for party/clan members option enable/disable
  • Add your own clan tag to popular list.
  • List of daily top players
  • List of daily top clans
  • Party War Mode
  • Clan War Mode
  • Copyright free music for youtubers!
  • Server ping viewer
  • Customize snake skins
  • Kill count & Timer
  • SFX sound effects
  • Auto replay option  enable/disable
  • Zoom option enable/disable
  • Upgrade mod without clear cache 🙂


As you can see, a LOT of improvements to the game are coming! Stay tuned, and be ready to have a whole lot of more fun! As mentioned above, we’ll post here too when the new update releases.


If you’ve got any other ideas or feature requests for us to add, leave a comment down below.



Slither.io Mods v3 Released!

Slither.io Mods User Script

How to install Slither.io Mods?

Step 1: Clear web browser’s cache.
How to clear the Cache?: https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic#desktop

Step 2: Remove all slither.io mods and extensions

Step 3: Download/Install Tampermonkey: https://tampermonkey.net/

Step 3: Install Slither.io Mods 3.3



  1. Dear Slitherio.org, I love your mods and thanks for v3 and could you please add S to stop when you are in a trap and please add an auto bot that will trap snakes and realise that it is trapped. Thanks

  2. Make a part where someone kills you you there is a revenge button so you can kill him as well as he kills you pls do that <3

  3. ThomasTheKingOfSlither.io Reply

    When will i be able to use please release it 🙁

  4. ThomasTheKingOfSlither.io Reply

    WHEN WILL IT COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ThomasTheKingOfSlither.io Reply

    WHEN WILL IT COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thomas789321 Reply

    make one where you can create your own clan that would be COOL!!

  7. Make A Part where there is a dot that belongs to the largest snake

  8. Make A Part where there is a dot that belongs to the largest snake


  10. Different keys to show/hide adicional information like Ping, FPS, Server IP, Best Score, Keys.
    Remove the X,Y information, it’s useless.

    • That is mean Please be honest with slitherio.org

    • Please b kind to slitherio.org its coming soon

  11. “V4 Major Update Is Coming Soon”
    You said tad a month ago, lol.


  12. You said it was coming out in June…Why isn’t it here now….

  13. Billy Henderson Reply

    Allow a make your own skin option, along with invisble snake, and better zoom feature and control.

  14. on the mini map there should be red dots for where the people that are bigger then 10k are!!! THAT WOULD BE COOL!

  15. We need a way to reduce lag. It makes me really upset when the lag causes me to get killed every time I get to over 2000 length. I don’t know how to stop it and maybe an update on something would help.

    • Thomas789321

      I asked for choose FPS so that might happen when the mod comes out

    • Thomas789321

      I asked for choose FPS so that might happen when the mod comes out

    • Thomas The best

      If extension go to sidebar to delete the mod with the bin.If user script go to tamper monkey and then click dashboard and delete your mods.<3

  16. Mason Gaming Reply

    im intrested in programing do u mind if i skype you and you can teach me a few things you learned (the basics) that woul’d be awesome, thx.

  17. get a skin that blends in with the hexagon tiles in the backround and some other backgrounds

  18. have a pecia server where you can start at a certain length of your chose

  19. 〖RƗP〗MEEP Reply

    can you put god mode in it so we dont die bc i die too much plzz thx

  20. Xavier Barron Reply

    You should make a skin that gives 3 lives bug cost online money.

  21. Xavier Barron Reply

    What about if you made something of a gold box that could give someone 10,000 length but appeared once an hour in the edge of the grid.

  22. Aaron Paulsey Reply

    Hello, It would be fun to see revenge kills. If you come back into the game and kill a snake that killed you earlier, you would see a pop-up badge that says “REVENGE!” and it would keep count of your revenges next to your kill count. Just a thought.

  23. hi love te mod v3 thank you so much!!!! when is the v4 mod release date?

  24. [MG] Slayer of Giants Reply

    hey Slitherio,org! i have been a supporter of your scripts and extensions for some time now and can say that i absolutely love your work! keep it up you guys!

    if i would have to suggest a feature for the game, it would have to be a bot mod that spawns intelligent player avoiding bots. these same bots could have functions that you guys can add in where these bots collect the mass and with a right click they find you you and crash into your body. Also, this is a long shot but you should try to create a protector mod that makes bots protect you and try to take down giants for you 🙂

    if you guys can pull any of this off you guys will go down in history man!! Keep up the amazing work and keep being awesome!

  25. PLEASE FIX THE SCRIPT FOR v3!! The game stutters HORRIBLY whenever I use boost!!!! Impossible to play this way

    • our developer team work on it. we will say release day when it finish and tested for bugs

  26. If you could put in something like kill highlights for the people that have the mod for slither

  27. I would like to say that personally I love slither.io. There is one thing I have to say. On the game I think that when you kill the worm you killed that no one else shall be able to eat the mass.

  28. can you add adding mass to yourself ple.ase i want o get really big and stand out to everybody. Atleast give a chance to te small people who dont get big at allthe just get sircled and die its ot fair so can u. i will appreciate it if you do this but in not sure its possible.

    • this extension isn’t supposed to be a cheat its just supposed to aid you in playing. adding mass would be cheating.

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