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If you are looking for modifications of the game, which aid you in playing, but do not give you an unfair advantage, you can check out this category. Here are things such as graphics quality mods, connect with friends mods and background changers and more skins. Without giving you an unfair advantage, they are nice modifications to the game, so check it out!


Play with friends *Updated* Added Tutorial

  Hello Slitherio players! I present to you, my self-made play with friends userscript for Features: Connect with friends See your coordinates Change background More skins* Mods v3 Released! How to install Mods?     Make sure you disable any other extension and scripts first! How to install user scripts? Firefox and related browsers: Greasemonkey. Google Chrome, Chromium, and related browsers: Tampermonkey. Opera (version 15 and later): Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. Opera version 12 and earlier supports user scripts natively. Violentmonkey provides a friendlier UI and better compatibility. Play with friends *Updated* Added Tutorial4.5 (89.04%)…

New Slither io MOD *Updated* v1.13

Slither io Slitio Mod by szymy v1.13 Here we present to you the latest updated mods. This new bot has quite a few interesting features to keep you glued on. Let us take a look. Updated features in mods: Use your mouse to zoom in and zoom out You know your current position. Track your FPS with the FPS counter Track the IP of your friends’ server with your current server’s IP address. Connect to your friends’ IP and play together. Owning a low-end system? No worries. The plain background makes it compatible with any system. Glow…

Theme Skins Mod

I am the front-end coder of agariomods. Earlier, I was experimenting with modding as a little side project. Because of the explosive growth of in the past week, mainly due to YouTube, I changed my focus to this. We will soon be releasing slither.iomods, which will also integrated into the original agariomods chrome extension. This will take place after we finish transitioning from to At the time being, the mod is self-hosted by me, and can be used with Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey. Any feedback would be appreciated. Mods v3 Released! How to…


I made a mod for Slitherio. It requires Grease-/Tamper-/Violentmonkey to run, and it can be installed from Download button. (Its named that, as the fps display was the first feature in it). The code is completely human-readable from the file. It does not replace the original Slitherio script, and it does not require you to block the original Slitherio script, its a very unobtrusive overlay to the original script.   To join your friends, have them give you their server ip and port (it will be shown by the overlay), insert it into the IP-Address:Port field (as x.x.x.x:yyy), click Go!, then…

Play on Moded Servers

Prefer the Moded Games moded games are one of the popular extensions about the game and many of the players prefer these games in order to have more fun. One of the main reasons is that original game resists providing any innovation and new features. At this point moded servers offer various hacks to all players. It should be noted that any player who will play the game on these mods will be able to have an access to all of the hacks available on that server. It will be also worth to…

Play with Mods for Google Chrome

Best Mods for Google Chrome In the event that you are willing to play the mods but you do not want to try new browsers and learn how to use them, you can download these mods to your current browser. Many people prefer the Google Chrome as their default browser and there are many mods which you can play on your favorite browser. In fact, all of these mods are compatible with every browser. All your browser needs to do is support an additional software which is called as TamperMonkey. TamperMonkey allows people to run…
ioMods - Chrome Extension

ioMods – Chrome Extension

Adds features to ‘’ and ‘’. Written By Mevin1. Iomods is brought to you by This extension modifies and, adding many cool features. Notable features are sound effects, background music, and skins. Another feature is a party system for Go to for more info. Iomods was originally Agariomods, for agario, but to facilitate our release of Slitheriomods, for slitherio, and copyright issues, we decided to change our name to Iomods You can disable the mod to play normally by clicking the “io” icon to the right of the address bar.   Enjoy slithering!… Mod Download Details

In case you are one of that players who were very keen to play the game in your spare times but you lost your passion to the game due to they do not include any innovations or new features in the game, then this article is just for you. We will show you how to download mods to your browser and start playing with various hacks. For those who do not know what mods are, let us provide you a brief explanation about them. These are private servers which are run by independent developers…

All Details of Moded Servers

Learn More About Moded Servers moded servers are one of the popular terms that are searched by the players on the internet. In case you have no clue what these moded servers are then kept reading. We are going to share all information about these moded servers. moded servers are also known as mods or private servers. These are individual servers that are run by independent developers. They began to be popular when the developers of the original game resist making any changes in the game. Players wanted new features which can… Mods Chrome Extension Mods Chrome Extension   Respawn – ESC Zoom In/Out = Mouse wheel scroll Down/Up Die – Q Reset Zoom – Tilde/Grave (~/`) or Period (.) Toggle HUD – TAB Toggle Skin Rotator – W Boost/Speed – Shift/Left Mouse Button Make sure you delete/disable any other userscipts/extensions first! To do this (or to delete our extension), go to chrome://extensions and click the disable checkbox or the trash can icon next to the extension you want to disable/delete       Features – Use your mouse to zoom in and zoom out – You know your current position. –…
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