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Today, most of the players know that it is not possible to download the app to their browsers. However, there are many topics on the forums and websites about it. In this article, we are going to provide you a detailed information about what it is. In fact, you can download to your browser but this is not the application itself but mods. These are private servers which are also known as unblocked servers. Both of these three terms mean same. If you want to play the game on these servers with new features introduced in the game then you have to download their codes to your browser with the help of an additional software. Then you can start playing on them whenever you want by simply visiting the official website.

In addition to this, you can also play on mods without the need of downloading them. For instance, we offer you one of the most popular mods on our page. You should not have to worry about the population of these servers. Since the original game resists to make any changes in the game and introduce new features, most of the players began to play the game on mods. Today, the total amount of the players who play the game on mods already exceeded millions. If you want to download the mods to your browser then you have to download TamperMonkey first. It is possible to find it in the application market of your browser. You can also find the mods to download from our mods category. We have included some of the best mods with their reviews.

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