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Most of the people take the advantage of the mods in order to increase the fun while they are playing the game. While some of the mods offer bots which play the game on behalf of you, some of the mods only focus on the visiual side of the game. Today we will offer you a new mod which will help you to change your skin automatically while you are playing the game.

You will find the details about how you can install or download this mod at the end of our article but before it let’s provide a quick and brief review about this mod.

The mod does not include any features more than skins and zoom hack. First of all you can choose any skin you want before you start to play however this will be senseless since the mod will change your skin whenever you start the game until you are eliminated. You do not have to do anything to let the mod change your skin, it will be activated by default and there is no chance to turn it off. In addition to these you can use the zoom hack by using your mouse wheel.

In the event that you do not want any hacks which can effect your gameplay then this mod can be a good option for you to use since it only focuses on the visual side of the game. It is quite fun to see your skins changing very fast however it may be tiring after a while and you may want to skip to any other mod.


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