Slither io Guide, Tips & Tricks

Slither io Guide, Tips & Tricks
This category is about game tactics, tips & tricks. This helps you to get started in the game, but also how to advance, kill others, grow, hunt, and increase your rank. Maybe at last, you will get to the leaderboard? Who knows, it’s up to you. But the guides in this category will greatly help you. In the comments you can discuss tactics with the fellow readers, and tell them which worked best for you. The tactics are written by people who are very good at the game, so don’t worry!

Do You Have Laggy Games?

Learn What to Do with Laggy Games laggy games is a common problem among players who like to play on a daily basis. In case you are one of those players, then this article will be really beneficial for you since it will enhance the fun you receive from the game. The lag problems are not new issues however they became a lot more common since the developers decided to share the servers with other io games. This is why private servers or in other words, the mods became popular more… Mods for Lag Issues

Learn How to Solve Lag Problems lag is one of the worst nightmares for any players since it can totally ruin your game. In the event that you are one of these players, then you are in the right place since we will help you to get rid of your lag problem with a single trick which is mods. These mods are private servers which allow you to play on unofficial servers where hacks are offered. In this way, you will take the advantage of various new features as…

Does Mod Download Hard?

Learn the Details of Mod Download mod download is one of the biggest question marks on the minds of many players who like and enjoy the game. In the event that you are one of those players who like to play but do not know anything about how to download mods then this article will be really beneficial for you. The first step you need to do is download an additional software named TamperMonkey which you can find it on the application market of your browser. Once you download it, you can download…

Reasons to Play with Mods Extension

Why You Should Play with Mods Extension mods extension is a simple code that you can download it to your browser and have an access to that mod. It is quite easy to download and all you need is a software named TamperMonkey which can be found at the application market of your browser. In case you want to play on these servers, you can find our guides about how to download mods to learn more details. In this article, we will provide you some reasons why you have to play the…

Is It Okay to Play on Moded Servers?

Should I Play on Moded Servers? moded servers are the new trend when we have to talk about the game. As you know, millions of players prefer to play in their free times every day. The amount of the players are declining in each day but none of them quit playing the game. They started to prefer to mods which offer many hacks. These hacks are in fact, new features which the original servers due to include any. This is the main reason most of the players prefer to play… Gameplay in Mods

How Is Gameplay? Many people who are willing to play do not want to give a try because they believe that gameplay is really complex. But in fact, it is the opposite. You think like that because of the game is one of the fastest games in the world since all other snakes are real players just like you. In this article, we will not mention any of the controls and you can find useful guides in our website to learn more about them. Today, we are going to talk about the gameplay…

Can You Download App to PC?

Is It Possible to Download App to PC? app is one of the most downloaded applications on all of the app markets however the app is not designed for the computer use. This means that players need to play on their mobile devices in case they want to play the game through the app. However, not playing the game on the app has some advantages such as the hacks. In case you will play the game on the computer, i.e., the browser you can download mods to your browser. These mods are… Controls in Mods

Learn the Details of Controls As you know, controls are quite easy in game in the event that you have played it before. You only have to use your mouse in order to provide the directions for your snake when you play Most of the players do not have any challenging time on these issues but these controls will vary when you decide to play the game on private servers. However we would like to note that, they are still quite easy to handle and even 5 years old kids do very…

How to Do Download?

Learn How Can You Perform Download download is one of the most searched topics on the internet and players type this in order to download mods. mods are the private servers which makes you able to play with additional features. These are called hacks and some of the most popular ones are zoom hack, free skins, bots and auto skin changer. You need to download the mods in order to have an access to these cheats and you will find detailed information about these in…

You Must Give a Try to Slitherio

Why You Must Play Slitherio? Many players are cool with playing the game in their free times and in case you are looking for a game that you can have fun as well as spend some quality time, you may want to give a try to slitherio. If you play, you will face with various players from all around the world and keep in mind that you need an active internet connection to play the game since it is online. You can play the game on original servers or play it on private servers…

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